Injuries and suspensions


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Positive thing is than now is international break! :) so they wont miss that much as i thinked they will :D


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2 weeks is not bad. I feel if we need a 100% full strength squad to beat bayern at home then perhaps we shouldnt be favourites for the trophy. We should be able to win the home time without those two. And in fact perhaps it will be some rest for yayá who looks jaded, and we all know that iniesta comes back from injury and hits the ground running. Only problem is AI gets injured quite a bit which is cause for concern.


Mayb its just a farce done by Barca 2 avoid all their major players from Internationals thereby getting some rest..After all the Yaya cannot be hurt/injured by any mortal ;);)


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I believe the reason he get's injured is because of two things

1 bad luck and 2 the way he plays, always close to the defenders and the ball right to his foot, like Messi his way of playing is risky


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I hope we can recover all injures to be ready for all challenges, in the champions and in the league especially against real Madrid


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I dont think anyone picked up a knock during the first round of qualifiers.One more game to go.I hate these international breaks.

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