Hi Cul?s from all over the world!


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Hi Cul?s from all over the world!

My nickname is Edisons. I am latvian guy. Greetings from Latvia! Actually, there are many Bar?a fans. I have known this forum for many years. Used to read it a lot, but then stopped reading it for a long time, and don?t know why. Even forgot my password. Maybe my old account was deleted. It turned out that I recently started to read this forum again and now - on Bar?a?s anniversary decided to create a new account.

I have been an amateur football player and Bar?a fan for many years - since childhood when Ronaldinho & Leo Messi started playing together. When I started training in football back in those days many kids like me fell in love with Bar?a, because of these players, the values, the style of play, the Camp Nou, the great city Barcelona. Since then, I have seen almost every game. It was a great time for Joga Bonito. Then legendary Pep era started. Those were the best years. Now we have hard times, but hopefully we will be on top again! We are on the right track. I am still watching, reading and analysing all the games.

It is important to note that I have been a fan of the French national team since Euro 2004 (when my country Latvia also participated). Also supported the Spanish national team when the Bar?a?s players dominated. France is my favourite country ? it is close to me personally, because of football, language, music, culture and many more things. Also big respect to Catalunya, love this region. I have little knowledge of french, spanish, russian and german languages. Are there frenchmen or people from the Baltic states? That would be fun and interesting!

I am competent and open to discussions about other sports - basketball, hockey, motorsports, fight sports, etc. Also interested in geography, music, politics.
Looking forward to great discussions, support and friendship. Really would like to meet new people over time and make new friends, contacts. Going to the Camp Nou for the first time, watching games and just having fun would be epic!

And by the way - Tots Units Fem For?a, Visca el Bar?a i Visca Catalunya! :002: :barcascarf::barcaflag:

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