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I'm 25 y/o Messi fan. Not Barca fan specifically, but I'm not a fan of any club. Barcelona is definitely my fav one.

I was reading this forum for like a year without having account since barcaforum is the coolest football forum I know so I decided to register and share my opinions from time to time.

Privately, I'm 25 y/o as I said, living in Poland and I'm working my ass as a salesman for commission money ;)

When I was like 15 years old, I was playing in a junior football club in low tier polish league as a right defender and sometimes as a midfielder while being the best player in the team, but my "career" wasnt that long due to my nicotine addiction and not being able to run for so long in consequence. Yes, I was nicotine addicted as a 15 y/o kid.

My english isnt top tier but if you like discussions, just keep replying to my posts, because its good enough for me to discuss and I like constructive discussions



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Welcome my dude. Hope you enjoy it here.
Don't worry about the English, I am quite poor at it, and for most users here it is not their 1st language.
Do not hesitate to contribute.
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