Hansi Flick

Hansi Flick - how do we rate him?

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That's a half decent one.

I'm still waiting for birdy to tell us what was the result of that great team speech, the Germans went on to top their group & win the WC?.
Flick's style of play isn't meant for International Football where you get to prepare and train for a few days.

In order to coach his unique high pressure and hyper attacking system you need time and regular work.

Pep's micromanaged thoroughly drilled system won't work in International Football unless you give him an already drilled possession side like Prime Spain NT. He simply won't have the time(or unlimited dough) to coach his team into a 'Pep team'.

On the other hand, a manager of Ancelotti's profile would be PERFECT for International cup Football.


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At Barca B training.

Titi is back.



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I'd love to see the football version of The Voice with Flick, Laporta, Deco and another future Barca coach candidate. Show clips of players with their faces blurred, both good and crap actions, display their results, stats, and trivia stuff on a screen, and see if anyone's chair would turn for the names paraded around here. Based on what they actually showed in the last seasons.

Imagine if one of them thinks the guy is Mbappe, and his chair turns and he goes face to face with Ferret or Felix. :lol: Write for Torres on the screen that he worked with at least a CL winning manager in his career, his nickname is related to an animal, he plays with no7 on his back, and that he's one of the best scorers for his national team in the last 5 years to spice it up.
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