From the USA to Camp Nou!


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My wife and I are traveling to Barcelona in a couple weeks and bought VIP tickets to the Getafe match! Couldn't find 2 seats together that weren't VIP so we just went big. Im sure it'll be worth the money! As a first timer, I wonder if anyone has any travel advice in the City to get to the stadium? Also, I am curious about what to expect inside the stadium, from drinks and food to what to wear? Any help on all things Camp Nou is very much appreciated. Just wanna make sure my wife has a super experience seeing as this trip is serving as our second Honeymoon!



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Can't give any advise on what to wear if they're "VIP" exactly, could range from smart casual, formal or even just go in a Barça jersey. Not sure.

From our experience outside the stadium food wasn't great, the burger was OK from the little outside bit as you exit the FCBotiga towards the Camp Nou. None alcoholic beer... meh. What it's like in the VIP section, again no clue so best for someone else who maybe experienced in that or check out TripAdvisor if they have any details.

As always, the metro is your friend. Depends where you are but try and get to the green line so you can get off at Les Corts or Maria Cristina. Further walk from MC but if you get off at Les Corts it's merely a short walk in a straight line and you'll easily see the Camp Nou.

After the game however, good luck getting the metro; there was a massive queue so we walked it but you can get a bus or taxi unless you're near the stadium?

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