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This Gattusso wannabe coach of Cordoba is an absolute asshat.

Referee lost control as added time. Only about 2 minutes of 7 were played.

Anyways Cordoba go up, hopefully they go straight down for being a bit of cunts today's.

Also, goodbye Marquez. Overachieved compared to season beginning expectation, great overall B job. But at the same time showed, not first team level manager.


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How you losing and not through on Guille and/or darvish

They might not be fully ready,but they have something special in there feet


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Here is squad for next season

also Juvenil A squad - not much talent remaining as most talented players are already playing at a higher level

GK: looks ok with Astralaga, Kochen and also Yaakobishvilli

RB: Fort is too good for this level but we'll see what Flick's plans are for him. Could see him moving between first and B team again but most important for him is to play regularly. Trilli and Anaya are injury prone so might consider a signing here. Or give a chance to Landry Farre.

CB: Faye will either be with first team or sold. Olmedo is ok but I don't really rate Dominguez. Cantero played full season in Segunda RFEF so maybe can make a step up. Andres Cuenca and/or Eman Kospo might be promoted. So we have depth but question is if enough quality. Don't see us spending 4m on Mbacke now that we won't be promoted. Keeping Natali and/or signing Mokio would be ideal but neither will happen.

LB: Gerard Martin is ready for a move to Segunda or even lower table La Liga team so will probably be sold especially if Marquez is gone. Edu Sanchez was supposed to be higher rated than Martin but never got a chance this year so maybe he'll prove himself next year. Albert Navaro could be promoted, Takahashi's contract is up and don't know what will happen with him.

DM: Casado will either be with the first team or loaned, don't see him playing on this level again. On paper we would be ok with Bernal and Prim, Xavi Espart might be getting minutes too but still expect to sign someone a bit older.

CM: it looks ok to me with Unai Hernandez, Garrido (if he can stay fit), Guille (we still have to renew him!!!), Darvich and Junyent. Will probably get someone more experienced here as well. I like Moha but probably time to bring someone with a bit more upside.

RW: Glaring hole. Don't think Pocho is good enough and Bah didn't play much on loan at a lower level. Not sure any of the younger kids is ready to step up either so pretty much need two new players here. Ibrahim Diarra is supposed to sign in January and I'm excited about him but not sure if he'll join BA straight or have 6 months to adapt in Juvenil A first.

ST: Guiu is seemingly gone, don't know if we'll buy Pau Victor but he's definitely too good for this level. Percan is still here but out for first few months of next season. I expect us to look for a new Pau Victor/Jutgla on cheap or loan. BTW, Oscar Gistau's contract is also expiring in a week according to TM. Hope we won't lose him too.

LW: Can't seriously count on Alarcon to stay healthy. Dani Rodriguez is leaving. Arnau Pradas is (or at least was) quite highly rated but I've not watched him that much so don't know how he developed. He's 18 now and should get minutes if he's good enough. Maybe can play Guille as LW but I'd say we need at least one if not two new players here.

coach: I think Rafa will move on for a new challenge. Maybe Belletti who already knows the players could take over.

In general would expect an even younger team with potentially a new coach so expectations should be lower. Would like Deco to find more players like Faye and Pau Victor to help us out and potentially also have first team future. It's a shame he struck out on another potential big talent like Mokio. But he'll surely find someone else. I believe he has good eye for talents but just can't close most deals with our financial limitations. Well, let's hope that's the main reason and things will improve in future. It's also possible he's not very good at negotiations.

tl; dr I think we are well covered in goal, defense and CM (could still look to add experience here and at FB position though), I would expect a DM if Casado is promoted but most changes will be upfront where we need 3-4 wingers and a striker.


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Barring a surprise, youth players with progression such as Alexis Olmedo, Guillermo Fernández, Astralaga (we'll see if he goes on loan) will continue, Dani Rodríguez seems to have been a case that had also taken a turn and will continue. Pau Prim.

I thought Dani was gone but good if he'll stay.


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From the perspective of Barça Atlètic, it is worth noting that, compared to the previous season, the Barça reserve team will repeat against 12 rivals while 7 will be new. These are Amorebieta and Andorra, relegated from Second Division, and Athletic B, Barakaldo, Gimnástica Segoviana, Ourense and Zamora, all of them promoted from Second RFEF.





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Seems to me it would be more logical to split the map vertically, teams left of Madrid in one group and the rest in the other.


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Seven Juvenil players will start preseason with Barca Atletic - Joan Anaya, Sergi Dominguez, Alvaro Cortes, Alexis Olmedo, Pau Prim, Guille Fernandez and Dani Rodriguez.

Obviously all of them except Anaya who was out injured most of the season already played for BA last season but should have even more important role now with some older players moving up to the first team or leaving the club.

And there is also possibilities for more players to be promoted including Áron Yaakobishvili, Andrés Cuenca, Albert Navarro, Brian Fariñas, Quim Junyent or Òscar Gistau.

Currently we have 21 players.

Ander Astralaga, Diego Kochen (GKs);
Trilli, Alexis Olmedo, Joan Anaya, Sergi Domínguez, Cantero, Álvaro Cortés, Gerard Martín, Edu Sánchez (defenders);
Marc Bernal, Pau Prim, Biel Vicens, Guille Fernández, Noah Darvich, Aleix Garrido (midfielders);
Unai Hernández, Alarcón, Pocho Román, Diego Percan*, Dani Rodríguez (forwards)

*injured and will miss start of the season


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Let's see how he'll do. If we won't get back Mbacke CB position will be totally changed so a chance for everyone to prove themselves to Rafa in preseason. Still a lot of competition for Cantero though.

One of the best news of the season for Calahorra was the excellent performance of center back Rubén Cantero. Juan Carlos Pouso's team finished the season tenth, far from the playoff but without suffering from permanence. Rubén Cantero's loan was very productive since the Caudete defender made 32 league appearances with 30 starts.

On the first day of the league 23-24 he started as a substitute, but from then on he led the CD Calahorra defense with authority and hierarchy. Cantero had already surprised Barça with a more than correct first season with Juvenil A. Under the orders of Óscar López. Rubén made 33 appearances and 25 starts and only the enormous competition in his position meant that a year ago he could not jump to Barça Atlètic.

At 20 years old and with one year as a starter in a Second Federation team, Cantero feels strong enough to follow Fermín's example and take advantage of a loan to take a step forward in his career. Rubén signed for three seasons in the summer of 2022 and, therefore, has one more year of contract in force with FC Barcelona.

The Blaugrana club has already informed the footballer that it is counting on him for the start of the reserve team's preseason. Starting July 22, Rubén Cantero will train under Rafa Márquez and will try to convince the Mexican that he has a place on the team.

With the departure of Pelayo, the promotion of Cubarsí and the more than possible sale of Faye, a possibility opens up for the defender from La Mancha who will have to compete with Sergi Domínguez, Álvaro Cortés and the youth centre-backs Alexis Olmedo and Andrés Cuenca.


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Marc Casadó, Mika Faye, Héctor Fort, Ander Astralaga, Noah Darvich, Guille Fernández, Toni Fernández and Andrés Cuenca starting preseason with first team today.

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