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Anyone who watches Barca Atletic know how Roman Vega is doing?

I see that he played the last 4 games so far.

Didn't see last weeks first half but he was hooked at the 45, and this week he is on the bench. Don't know how he performed for that or if he carries a knock.

Looked alright when I saw him previously, nothing outstanding at this stage to go all the way to South America to buy though. A bit like the scraps of Pocho so far. Nothing you can't get at this level from the academies around Spain.

But both still adapting so I could be well off the mark, like many times before.


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Pocho is our player and will be given a chance to develop (might still go down the Emre Demir route though).

Roman Vega is on loan with a buy option (8m according to FM IIRC) which we clearly won't use. Might try to negotiate a lower fee or extend loan but if something doesn't change drastically in next few months we'll just send him back home and look for another player. We'd probably do better signing domestic talents like Akieme than bringing foreign kids who need more time to adapt.

With Balde's emergence we don't have urgent need to look for a longterm LB for the first team anymore so we could take a risk on a high risk/high upside LB that's willing to play for Barca B initially if we can find one. OTOH from building the squad perspective probably wouldn't be the best having two kids fighting for minutes at the same position so after Alba and Alonso are both (hopefully) gone by 2024 we'll probably look for another cheap veteran player that would accept a squad role. Someone like Javi Galan for example (although with Balde being very offensive LB would prefer someone more defensive as his backup). Gaya could also change his mind if Valencia will continue to struggle and possibly be relegated (I could also see him sticking with them his entire career and even play in Segunda - hopefully won't happen but doesn't look good). Or maybe just sign NDicka as a rotational CB/potential defensive LB.


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Vega has/had a golden opportunity as Alex Valle was loaned to Andorra (hasn't played yet).

Seems he hasn't taken advantage of it. From what I have seen, at LB he is similar to Valle but slightly older. So yeah, no point signing someone who we have at the house already.

I will say that Marquez does seem to have a shrewd judgement in player ability and potential. So I trust that if a guy isn't playing much then they are not good enough. Pocho for example hasn't had alot of time, but In the time he has had, there hasn't been one action that made you think "yeah, there's something there with this kid". That's a worry for me. But early days.


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With the forum being down, Barca B's 3-0 from yesterday was missed. Fantastic game by Estanis, with another one of his trademark goals.

With our lack of quality performance from the left side, I wonder if he gets a chance this season.


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Good time to look at our B team exits at how they are all performing at their new clubs this season.

Ferran Jutgla - Brugge
8 goals, 5 assists at Brugge. After a strong start seems to have tapered off. Hasn't scored this year.

Matheus Pereira - Eibar
1 goal, 1 assist. Undisputed starter. Eibar are 4th in Segunda so he may be playing in LaLiga next season.

Jandro Orellana - Andoora
0.5 player at Andorra.

Emre Demir - Samsunspor (loan by Fenerbache)
Signed and loaned by Fenerbache. Hasn't played yet.

Arnau Comas - Basil
Undisputed starter until injured. Seems to be having a good season.

Mika Marmol - Andorra
Undisputed starter at Andorra. Andorra have lost 7 of last 8 in Segunda.

Alvaro Sanz - Mirandes
Sub at Mirandes, but just moved in winter market

Lucas de Vega - Atl Baleares
0.5 rotation/sub player.

Guille Jaime - Intercity
Starting rightback. Very good recent form. 4 goals and 1 assists over his last 9 games.

Ramos Mingo - Def. y Justicia
Flopped in Belgium. Loaned to Argentina where he is a sub.

Lazar Carevic - Vojvodina
Starter in the Serbian League

Nils Mortimer - Viborg
Sub for Danish side Viborg

Peque - Racing Santander
Sub for Racing Santander. Currently injured. 0 goals, 0 assists.

Igor Gomes - Internacional
Backup. Hardly played.

Moussa NDiaye - Anderlecht
Backup. Hardly played.

Fermin Lopez - Linares (loan)
Starter at Linars. Very good recent form with 4 goals, 1 assist. Probably gets a B chance next season. Solid player.

Gustavo Maia - Valencia Mestalla (loan)
Rotation/first sub. 4 games, 0 goals after his winter loan move.

Alex Valle - Andorra (loan)
Hasn't played since moving in winter on loan.


There's a few move moves I haven't covered since they never had prominence in the B team and we're not interesting enough to note. But this is a good idea of the level of some of the players in the second team last year.

Overall we didn't make a bad decision letting any go as it is unlikely any will reach the first team- which is normal. Some players there who could reach the mid/lower level of LaLiga like Monchu and Jorge Cuenca have.

Also at a talent level (note, not experience level) we usually have Segunda level.

I always liked Fermin Lopez when I saw him in Juvenil and friendlies, so hopefully he gets rewarded with a first B next season. One of those who could surprise you.


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Good time to look at our B team exits at how they are all performing at their new clubs this season.

There's a few move moves I haven't covered since they never had prominence in the B team and we're not interesting enough to note. But this is a good idea of the level of some of the players in the second team last year.

One of those is Santiago Bueno, who was our first try with a Uruguayen CB.
Failed to reach Barca B essentially, but now is a Liga regular starter with Girona and has been called for Uruguay NT.
still fairly young at 24 years of age, seems like a nice career to have for a Barca B reject.


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Don't know why Valle was loaned to Andorra if he's not playing. Could be useful here.

Good to see Matheus Pereira doing well at Eibar. Always liked him. Not the most talented player but was useful experienced player to have in the team. He's 25 so probably time for him to make it to La Liga and try to establish himself there as well. Would be easier making that jump if Eibar is promoted now that he's a key player there but if they stay in Segunda then maybe another lower table La Liga club could sign him. Barca also have 50% of his future sale AFAIK so could get some money if that happens. Not much really but better than nothing.

Quite liked NDiaye as well but Anderlecht probably wasn't the best choice for him.

Hopefully Jutgla can find his form again. There were rumours in January he's off to Lazio in summer (and that's why Brugge is signing Victor Barbera to replace him) but have not heard anything about that recently. Would be nice if we'd get some more money from his sale as well.

Others on that list are just fringe players more or less. Think this year's team is more talented but we'll see what career current players will make.

Also, I've read few days ago that Ilias could sign for Sevilla on a free. Not really sure that would be the best move for him. Hopefully we'll keep him around. Think he would actually be better being played in that Gavi role as 4th midfielder rather than a pure winger. Has played as a midfielder in UYCL last week as well. Not really too good but nobody played well against Alkmaar tbh.


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Ilias was excellent at the start of the season but tempered off. We should try to keep him around though. He looks to me one of those players who is absolutely not ready for our first team but needs to be controlled medium term as he has opportunities to be a few more years into his develop curb like Kubo and Brahim. Similar players who needed a number of years to develop further.

Good call on Santiago Bueno [MENTION=11668]khaled_a_d[/MENTION]. I was actually excited when we signed him given what I read of his profile. Sometimes you get the scouting right but the development curve is much slower than a club like ours can afford. I recall he had loan spells at teams lower than the Barcelona B category at the time. So something wasn't happening with him.


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N?Diaye isn?t a starter for Anderlecht at the moment (it?s been a wild season with an historical low league position and 3 coaches so far) but he is doing good imo. Was one of the best players vs Villarreal in the Conference league yesterday.
Fans also like him and see him as a starter next season.

Jutgla on the other hand is massively overrated and hasn?t played a good game in 6 months.
He had a good start but now he has 1 field goal in his last 21 games.


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Nils (GK) got injured so Diego Kochen (17) got called up for this evening's B team game.

He won't play, but perhaps will be in the B next year after Arnau Tenas graduates. I believe he is the biggest goalkeeping prospect in the academy and has trained with the first team a fair few times.



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Tenas, Rosanas, Riad, Casadó, Zalaya, Dionkou, Moha, Roberto, Estanis, Vega, Nil Ruiz, Núñez, Juanda, Txus Alba, Luismi Cruz, Carbonell, Pocho and Lamine Yamal.

Are we just not playing any of the players we know are leaving in the summer or are they all injured?


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Victor Barbera has been ostracized for some time now. Ilias has been more involved but is not called for whatever reason this game. Maybe because Lamine is there.

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