Fabian Ruiz


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He was top class for 80 minutes tonight. Then the last 10 minutes had a touch Ted Bundy would be proud of.


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I said years ago a ruiz for de jong trade, would be a lateral step at worse, with us pocketing a +40m.

People went loco.

I'm just ahead of the curve as per usual.

He's work, especially in flicks DP
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Think he is looking better than he is because Spain are the only side with a club football passing game and understanding, and also the slower pace and lack of press (bar Germany who were the second best side in the tourney- though should have had 10 men and way more cards).

But don't get me wrong, he has been excellent and has complimented Rodri in the midfield, just as Cucurella has. So credit to Fabian and DLF for finding the best 11.

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