Ernesto Valverde - V1


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We made Origi look like peak Drogba, Wijnaaldum looked like peak Eto'o.

This is the sort of shit we would take the piss out of PSG. Since we started to spend that much time mocking them, we're turning into them.

james baldwin

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I'm not a barca fan but he deserves to be fired. The way this barca play is embarrassing. Sitting back to protect the lead, zero pressing, zero desire. The way his team plays has nothing to do with Barcelona as a football club. Never a Barca manager. Even a noob can win La Liga with Messi and a weakened Madrid without Ronaldo.

His agenda against the likes of Dembele, Malcom and Semedo is never ending too. How can you have aspirations to be a top manager when you don't treat all your players fairly? Dembele had no business starting the last La liga match, especially with his pace and how that could have hurt Liverpool on the break. Fraud manager has to go


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I see you are happy that barca lost

Come on now, so you are happy to have Barca keep repeating Roma 3.0 under Valverde?

Ev fans will be deepthroating him if he somehow got through this tie but this is a carbon copy of Roma. You cant write a script like that. Zidane won 3 CLs on a row, u want EV to bottle all 3 CL with a 3 f-cking goal lead?

Ev fans dont want to listen to problems and then expect things to go on their way. Doesnt work that way.


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How is it even possible to go out the exact same way two years in a row. Unbelievable.

Tonight Klopp showed what a fucking genius he is while Valverde failed to make any impact at all. Team performed embarrassingly bad too of course but that's no excuse for the manager.


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thankfully dembele, semedo, de jong, malcom, and the rest of the future young talent barca sign won't have to deal with this fuck anymore


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Madrid will come back stronger next season in La Liga and in 2020 we're looking at a trophyless season guys.


piece of shit manager if it wasnt for messi and occasinally suarez he would have been found out as the fraud he is long ago


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in order for the team to play a new style, some of the old guard need to be replaced. suarez, busquets, rakitic and even alba. add to that the flop Coutinho.

I have said before barca needed a new direction this summer, I look forward to a younger, faster squad that can play a style we are familiar with, with one or two guys like vidal in the squad but not necessarily starting, to add experience and some qualities the main 11 don't have.

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