Ernesto Valverde - V1


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That is as bad as ever seen Barca and he will be lucky to survive that.

When eventually attacked them Roma were shaky.

This is what is so infuriating. They've looked so vulnerable when we started to attack, but Valverde didn't get that until 3-0? How is that possible? Ok, you start with a conservative mindset, but when you see that you are getting buttfucked 1-0, 2-0 you still continues with this mentality? Only when down 3 goals and out of Europe he saw the problem.

That is 100% sackable offense.


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>have 4-1 from first game (albeit with luck)
>Go to roma
>Get your team scared shitless
>Know roma is the one that has to open up and score 3
>Fucking defend for 88m and concede 3 goals
>Make changes


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It's been on the cards all season. It's needed to happen to be honest, a huge wake up call I hope.

He's in charge of Barcelona, not Bilbao. Show a bit of fucking bravery and go for a goal early and the game is dead.

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