Erling Braut Haaland


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Haaland best player in the world.......:unsure:
Honestly, it makes me laugh to think that some day Haaland might win the best player award...if so, then Inzaghi should also have won it:lol:
There's a huge difference between being a great player and a great scorer.


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Journalists voted for Messi for the BdO, and people cried about how it's the players who should vote for the award as they play the game.
Then the players voted for Messi for FIFA's award and people started crying about how players are clueless and don't know the criteria, and how journalists and reporters should be the ones voting as they're objective.

You simply cannot please some people.

FWIW, Messi deserved the BdO for the World Cup as it's the biggest prize in football if you ask every single player out there who has the chance to play in it. I don't think he deserved the FIFA award he just won.

But guess what? Keep crying losers. :lol:


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Only chance KDB has at Ballon Dor imo, is winning something with Belgium, shouldn't be like that, but clearly he doesn't get enough appreciation in awards for his club performances.

I think Kdb didnt even win something at the Global Soccer award event, poor guy but midfield players wont get the attention like attackers, it was always like that

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