Erling Braut Haaland


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I opened this thread and been following him since his Salzburg days.

He is doing it at the 3rd club on an European level now and calling him a poacher or he is missing lots of chances that City team is creating for him etc. is just a huge understatement of his qualities.

There were some guys who looked like the next big thing but only managed to do it at one club for a period of time. Now compare that to him and only check his stats. Dude is almost averaging a goal per game since his Red Bull days.

185 goals in 188 games at the age of 23 (!) playing for 3 different teams. Add assists to that and he is averaging more than one goal contribution per game. These are sick numbers.

Not only that. He is a true professional and living his life for the game. Add making smart career decisions to that. Could have taken the money road to the PL after Salzburg rather than making the smarter move for his development.

The test will be whether he can keep doing it but I don't see how you stop him. He is bigger, faster and stronger than 'everybody' else, his movement is fantastic and his touch to get a shot away almost perfect.

Sure he is surrounded by the best players and the best coach. That's how it is. Like attracts like. He has earned his spot there and rightfully had the opportunity to pick any top team to play for. And his choice couldn't have been any smarter.
He is a best. true


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Haaland scores plenty in important games.. just gets discarded because City are good enough to win anyway.

The only he hasn't done yet is leave his mark on a final but I'm sure it will come.


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He’s scored a lot in the knockouts too.

His Cl ko record is 13 goals in 12 games which is still very impressive.
Messi and CR7 had iconic performances in CL final, CL semis, and CL QFs against top opposition.

Think Messi v RM 2011, vs Bayern 2015, vs United in the CL finals etc etc. CR7 has a bunch as well during RMs run

Extremely high standards to hold too but I think this should be the standard if he ends up scoring more than 100 CL goals, which he most likely will


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Way too early to judge Haaland's KO record. Played in like one true knockout other than getting out of the group with Dortmund where he in fact scored and assisted plenty.

Compared to Mbappe, Haaland will most likely be in sides that are top 1-2 favourites for CL during his whole career. He'll probably score a bunch of goals in latter stages.


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Just shows how some people genuinely hate and deny Messi and pretend to be fans of FC Barcelona. "Frankly I'm depressed and ashamed.". The only award that mattered was BdO and Messi fully deserved it for the World Cup triumph. The rest of them awards don't matter. Especially Dubai awards that own Man City and Haaland. :lol:

Couldn't care less for Haaland's crying over Messi winning BdO over him. Lewa was screwed up due to COVID, bitched about it, anyway those CF scoring machines clearly cannot, will not realize they are just part of great squads. They are not outstanding players. Put Haaland instead of Lewa in Xavi's team, he'd perform slightly better, because of his age. Haaland scores goals, but Messi is the game.

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