Emiliano Martinez


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Club: Aston Villa
Position: Goalkeeper

Thought it was only right that this Copa America Champion had his own thread.


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He also became a father a few days before the final and still hasn't seen his daughter.

Anyway, a great week he'll surely never forget.


President of FC Barcelona
His career is very much like Keylor Navas'.

Both were never hyped and had to fight and struggle for their chances. That's why both are great under pressure and in big moments. Built up so much resilience nothing fazes them anymore.

Navas went from backup at Levante to winning the job and becoming La Liga's best GK alongside Courtois at Atleti in 2013/14. Emi Martinez went from multiple loan spells and a backup at Arsenal to being 1st choice at Aston Villa when they picked Leno instead of him and was Premier League's best GK last season.


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Legendary keeper for me.

That trash talking during the penalty shootout with Columbia was one of the greatest things I've seen in football.

Elite winning mentality.


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Love this Camo Billionaire Boys Club style Argentina top. Hopefully they keep it for the WC.

Guaranteed win.

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