El Clasico 08/09: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: 2 - 6


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i can't begin to express how happy i am to see such a beautiful performance...every player was fantastik tonight despite the shaky start and goal conceded....we were always the better team....i've been really pissed lately with the comments coming out of burnacow about how we would surrender the league to them again on a silver platter. now i feal great....i'm sure we will not hear a word or two about any f*** comeback again unless we lose the next 2 games.....and i know we're better than that.......to all the white trash fans.....take that !!!!!!!!!!!.....


Needless to say, that was just incredible. The difference between the two sides was there for all to see, yet again Madrid were exposed as the average side they really are. I don't think I've ever seen Xavi play so well, a joy to watch. Pique proved me wrong tonight, fucking brilliant. Messi was top-class, as was Henry....

I don't have the words to describe how happy I am right now, I am so proud of each & every one of our players! I'm also so grateful for what Pep has done for this side. A year on from that 4-1 defeat, just unreal! The fact that every preview I've read had written us off before this game, saying the best we would get would be a draw. All of these people were wrong about us! All of the talk from the Madrid camp about how they would win in the Bernabeu as a result of all of their "pressure" on us! Every last bit of it has proven to be complete bollocks!

VISCA EL BARCA!!:flagvl8:


Also want to say how great this win is for all Barca supporters, well done to all!


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HOW wonderful it wd have been to win the league at bernacow with this performance.but none the less job done. n good night guys..see u tomorrow.


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i am so dam happy, words cannot express it, the team played so fucking well, that it makes me feel optimistic for the match at stamford bridge.

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