Eden Hazard


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When we have very good results, it's usually him. We've won or gotten a few low scoring results a of late, but he hasn't been a huge part of that. Our first 3 goal match and he assisted 2 and terrorised them for most of the 2nd half. He still doesn't have the consistency of guys like Messi or Ronaldo but he's still a lot better than a lot of players in the Premier league. And he's still young, I ain't mad at him for not being consistent.


Not doubting his ability, although I still think he is overrated (which doesn't mean he is bad, an assumption people often make.. wrongly), I'm just tired of the Belgian hypemachine. It's not just Hazard, if you'd listen to what they report you'd think every Belgian player abroad is a world beater.
He is a great player but nowhere near the level of players like Messi (LOL, of course), Ronaldo, Zlatan, etc... (yet).


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No matter how amazing he becomes, this will always be his finest moment.


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Excuses, excuses, excuses. He's a professional and shouldn't have done that. It was a uber-douchey move. End of.


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Overrated or not overrated, for sure better than Sanchez.
I would switch him with Sanchez every day


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Alexis and Hazard play a completely different role, Hazard would never be able to function in the support, goal-scoring role that Alexis provides. Hazard is pretty much Chelsea's main man but hasn't scored nearly as many as Alexis, so if he were stuck out on the wing like at Barca he'd probably barely do anything.

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