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If Barca offers Coutinho for Hazard straight swap they would do it, and Hazard is a big upgrade.

Hazard and Messi in same team :wub:


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Yea, but Madrid wouldn't be getting him for goals, more so the marketability combined with a regular Vinicius factor. This club needs a dribbler like fish needs water. The biggest short-term benefit would be to get the crowd back onto the stadium, which is difficult to do without any new guys.

I don't know why the Brexit argument and the tensions with Russians are being ignored by some altogether. I believe there were pretty serious speculations that Roman would be forced to sell the club after UK expelled Russian diplomats and that he seems disinterested in it anyway. Man had to apply for Israeli citizenship just to get into the country, is still being investigated and cannot work. Now they've equally been handed a ban so cannot bring in a replacement, but at the very least they could throw some money into a good contract for CHO until politics settle down.

Yup, people ignores (geo)politics too much and it has always played a huge role in football (or sports in general). There was even articles about the fact that he was not allowed to be in contact with the woman in charge of Chelsea. Well, we all know he probably found a way around it but still, the conditions are very very hostile for him and it is understandable he would not blindly invest any more money that could be seized.

I guess Pulisic was their big money move in case they would get a ban. Would help with marketability after Hazard departure although he is nowhere near the belgian ability.

I agree with you that Hazard is more consistent that people gives him credit for. However, i have to admit that i have been very disappointed by his performance in Champions League. As you know, Chelsea faced PSG years in a row in knock out phase of that competition and he was very bad/average. And full backs of PSG have always been one of the weak links.

It is really weird because i know him since his Lille days and man, he is "special".


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Hazard is a class player, idk why some people seem to feel the need to trash him just because he is likely gonna join Real.

He isn't a highest tier player like Neymar mostly because he never was and never will be the type to break scorer records just like peak Ribery for example. But he has brilliant technical abilities, one of the best dribblers for years sadly wasted most of his career in a quite chaotic often defensive Chelsea team.

He will be a good addition for Real, but imo only if they also sign at least one player that can score a lot of goals. With Ronaldo they lost a lot of physical presence and goals, Hazard won't offer that. Hazard-Benzema-Asensio/Vinicius or something like that wouldn't look all that threatening especially if the midfield doesn't score much as well. Thats also the reason why we don't really need this guy, we have Dembele but he isn't scoring 30+ goals a season so we would still be stuck at old Messi and Suarez for scoring almost all goals. He obviously is a better winger than Coutinho but i mean we never intended to buy Coutinho as a winger so why should we sign another playmaker for LW to replace him there?
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When Hazard comes to La Liga next season he's going to open a lot of eyes and shut a lot of mouths.

co-sign...The Premier League is much harder on a goalscorer than La Liga. The refs aren't nearly that quick to blow the whistle in England. And, as previously mentioned, Hazard has been wasting his prime years in a shitty Chelsea team. Imagine what he could do with a great midfield.


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Fucked up two glorious chances against Liverpool. Wouldn't mind this version of Hazard showing up in Madrid. They are already struggling to score goals.


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Marca.Hazard signing to be sealed in a matter of days. Real Madrid For an amount close to 100 million euros.


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Marca.Hazard signing to be sealed in a matter of days. Real Madrid For an amount close to 100 million euros.

In today's market it will be perfect for RM if they can get Hazard for less than 100M. I expected them to pay at least 130-140M for him to be honest.


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Fee is not determinated yet and I expect RM will need to pay at least 130 million.

Pity we can’t get him and send Suarez to Chelsea ..

He could play on the left / midfield . Rather like Neymar if we can’t get Ney back ( I know he wants to return though )

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