Do you think Frenkie will end up leaving the club?

Will Frenkie end up leaving Barca this summer?

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Do you think Frenkie de Jong will end up leaving Barca this summer? Will hold the poll open for 10 days as a lot can happen within then.


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Think he stays but if he goes, me thinks only on a 1 year loan to play kick-ups in Paris


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Se queda

@gerardromero: “Barcelona will be able to register all players once the second lever is activated”


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Long shot but there could also be a last min plot twist in which Pique calls up a presser and resigns in a grandiose fashion, filming the whole thing for his next doc, and paints himself as Barca's savior before taking over the presidency

That's like 210.000 per week of the books...


or Umtiti getting a 2nd Wind and passing the Montreal's Impacts health screener


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I think he still goes as we will still want to generate the income, and it will be for less than 80m (60-70m range).

But hopefully Xavi has an epiphany that Busi will be gone in less than a year and goes all out with Frenkie as a DMC and a more dynamic 11.


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He is gone BIG TIME

atm he and his agent are playing hardball ("it's impossible for me to leave" etc) to get Barca to an agreement about his deferred wages.
While in private he has reassured ETH that he would like to join UTD if Barca don't want him.

This dude loves his pockets more than anything

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