Copa: FC Barcelona - Real Madrid 1-4

El Gato

Suppose we do win by 3 or 4 rather than measly 2 like we tend to lately when it matters

Do you bin Xavi on the spot just for being the manager that was in charge while it happened?


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Interestingly enough, Ferran has actually done pretty well whenever he's played against Madrid. I feel that maybe he'll actually be better than Lewandowski if he takes his spot.

Other than that, we're gonna really struggle offensively without Pedri and Dembele. I just hope our defense can stay stable and make it a game.


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No Pedri
No Dembele
No lewa

L COMING, mass hysteria coming.

I said it before I'd take a domestic double, over the mini European double, so it we don't I'd be cool with it.

But with the way things are, L COMING.


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I reckon Xavi's lineup will be this:

BACKline and MATS

The 'normal' system with 4mds and false LW

This on paper looks like we will never score or even make a chance
Defensively we will be better though with Ferran pressing instead of Lewa standing and waiting for the ball in the defensive phase

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