Confederations Cup 2013 - Final: Brazil 3-0 Spain


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at the result means Mexico is still out. YES!

Japan are the moral victors.

I didn't see any of this against Brazil. They have won me over after this performance.

Did you see the Tiki-Taka in the 82nd minute?

Dat passing!:w000t:

I wish they would have advanced out and played against Spain. Japan would probably give them a run for their money.


Best match of this cup so far. And I started watching when Japan scored their second. Brazil - Italy should be fun, both trying to avoid Spain on semis :D


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A pity that Japan didn't at least get a draw. They fully deserved the 3 points though. Shame.... divine intervention and luck for Italy, not fair.

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Kiesuke Honda really put himself out there today, expect interest from lots of clubs now. Though we would sign him slightly under the radar :(

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