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Pepe Silvia

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Funniest thing about Hugo Sanchez. You know when keepers take a goal kick Mex fans yell out "puto!"

I remember Pablo Ramirez jokingly said while Hugo Sanchez was providing Color announcing that game "mira Hugo se estan llamando... HUGO!"

Never forget that.

Hugo over to Pachuca huh? Look out...

Blue Demon

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We were lucky tonight. Thought Santos looked more hungry. We were laid back and it seemed like if out of the game till the end with the PK. Though Santos was awarded a lot of yellow cards it might come back to haunt them on Sunday.

That Peralta goal was a beauty though.


Pepe Silvia

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America should have won the first leg. No question who the better side was. Cruz Azul parked a jumbo jet at home and played like cowards. One thing about me is I am straight up, and when a better team beats one of my teams, I have no problem saying it, but this time, America was much much better. Just needed to put one in the net... just missed the crucial away goal.

Strange late sub from Herrera.

Cruz Azul fans were disgraceful as well. Throwing drinks at America players during corners. Pathetic.

Positive was that going into the second leg America should feel confident they can win the game 2-0 at Estadio Azteca. 104,000 people will be rocking, you can bet on it.

Blue Demon

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Partidazo! What a game! Congrats to America!

They deserved to win. That red card on Molina was a harsh one. Though I thought they played as if they wanted more. Great game. Congrats! :beer2:


Same thing happened to Ivan Turina earlier this year. Really sad to see such young, talented men pass away.
RIP Benitez

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