Champions League 2022/2023

Who will win the CL?

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Match has been more even than I expected. PSG still the better team obviously and more clinical, but the stats are probably less one sided than they were against Fiorentina at the weekend.

When Juve actually get a hold of the ball, the lack of pressing and shape from PSG is pretty evident. Allegriball obviously incapable of capitalizing on it though.

Messi the worst PSG player so far but maybe he'll wake up for some statpadding second half.

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PSG's 5-2-3 defending and 3-4-3 attacking while MNM interchange positions whenever and stay close together is fantastic. What contrast to Xavi interchanging our front 3 staying far apart in forced gimmicky crossball. Noticed Ney and Bappe don't celebrate goals together but at least their animosity's fueling their competitive spirit. In the past when I had asshole teammates in collegiate volleyball as the setter I'd give a hitter the ball more so they'd have to save face by completing kills.

Vitinha's shooting since he joined PSG reminds me of Dembele.
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These games are so boringly predictable.

Haaland is all brawn. He will probably peak early and go downhill pretty fast once he is near 30.

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