Champions League 2022/2023

Who will win the CL?

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Zagreb won. [MENTION=2]Barcaman[/MENTION] right now



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Fucking corrupted Uefa.

Filthy rich EPL team losing 1:0 in Croatia and they give +8 minutes of injury time for literally nothing.
They need big teams in KO rounds.

Still ended 1:0.

Fuck you, Uefa.
Well, they were lying on ground pretending to be injured every other minute in last 20 mins. Obviously, it's not given that refs would add such added time (perfectly grounded) against more high profile team, which sucks.
Anyways, congrats fellas! Really glad.


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Juventus is an elite D league team
Mbappe too strong, it's not fair, give Ferran to psg to equilibrate the level between both team


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PSG levels above anyone in that group but I’d certainly fancy Benfica against this current Juve.

Similar to Barca’s situation last year really.

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