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Progress continues. Gonna be real close with the december deadline. They need to finish the 3rd stand exterior to a point where fans can come in safely, they need to finish the big ass underground area in front of the tribune and around the stadium overall and they need to finish the interior first 2 stands.


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Not bad but could do better



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The club explained/confirmed a few things today:

- So far Barca spent €342m out of the 1 billion budget
- The plan is now to return in the end of the year with a capacity of 64.000 fans and not in November
- Montjuic will be the stadium for CL until knockout games because of Uefa rules
- expected total income of €374m yearly
- the club helps Limak with subcontracted workers
- no 360 degree screen, 3 big screens
- fan curve gonna change from gol nord to gol sur and it'll be slightly lower for fans behind them to see properly, because of the big flags.

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"Tebas declared that we only have enough money to put scoreboards around 1/4 of the stadium"
:lol: :lol: :lol:
The idea of 360 videoboard is futuristic, in use in some of the American stadiums, like SoFi Stadium.

I don't like the render images of our videoboard. Unnecessary and installing it would likely put the cost beyond 1 billion.

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