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Playoffs have started, Donovan Mitchell with 57 points in a losing effort against the Nuggets, 3e highest point total of all time in the playoffs.


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KP ejection was BS. League wants Clippers to win so hard since they're a growing market.

Lakers vs Blazers will be a hell of a series. I think it will go 7 games.

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Porzingis was a dumbass for trying to be some tough guy bodyguard when he already has a technical foul. Refs are always going to give a technical to someone being the 3rd man in a scrum

Should have let his other teammates "protect" Doncic.

And Lakers fans continue to cry conspiracy. Hilarious to see that fanbase talk about being oppressed.


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LeBron and the Lakers are in serious trouble man. Blazzers have been in playoff mode ever since the restart and AD still looks unconvincing.

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