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The Jeremie Frimpong rumors are gaining a lot of traction and being reported by multiple people. Reportedly a player Flick really wants.


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Not gonna find a better RB/RWB for 40m, which is the reported buyout, unless we get lucky with a Diamond in the rough.

People said alves couldn't defend when we signed him, some still believe he couldn't defend, lol.

If we get the money,130m on frimpong, Williams and Merino, we'd arguably have the best window of any team in Europe.


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I'm guessing that means Cancelo is not coming back?

It would make little sense to buy both him and Frimpong. I'm not complaining as Cancelo hasn't proved to be worth the money City wanted him after a dismal 2nd half of the season.


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Ow wow. That is a great transfer. How much are looking to pay?

He has a 40m clause, don't expect Leverkusen to sell for anything less.

Would take Frimpong over Cancelo every day but I'll believe it when I'll see it. Many clubs are after him and just don't think we can afford him and also don't believe Flick would have him as a priority over a DM and/or a LW.

Other thing is how he would adapt to playing as a RB in a 4-2-3-1. @jamrock mentioned Alves above but he had actually played as RB in Sevilla before joining us, AFAIK Frimpong has exclusively played as RWB/RM so far. Not saying he can't adapt but would take time.

All that said Frimpong and Yamal would be fun to watch together. Although if we get a LW like Nico as well could see Flick using Raphinha in big games to help out Frimpong defensively. Lamine has actually shown good work rate and defensive responsibility for such a young player but would still give an edge to Raphinha in that role when playing against Madrid for example.


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He plays on right no way he plays AML.

We are gonna play 4231, and we have Yamal at RM/RW.

So he can play RB.

After watching him yesterday I am not sure.

He seems like bad dribbler on tight space.

Really transition player.

40mil is not small amount.

First lets go for Nico and Merino.
Nico is much more needed.

Then we can talk about Frimpong.


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He "struggled" yesterday because he's not a winger, it's like when Xavi tried to play balde further forward.

They need that space to run into from a full back/wing back prospective


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I'm not a fan of Frimpong and he shouldn't play LB anyway so what does Cancelo has do with this rumor? I hope we keep Cancelo, extend his loan - nobody will be in for him and he's done well for us (except against some stronger teams).


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If I were Mokio I wouldn't go anywhere near Ajax right now especially if PSV is in the picture to also sign him.

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