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I think Iceland can win but only by a narrow margin. Hard to see them pushing up and not conceding a goal somehow.
Can't wait to see what Sampaoli comes up with.
This may be the last time we see Leo don an Argentine shirt.


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For Argie fans, if Iceland will attack and leave space for counters, Perisic is insanely fast and lethal.
Other winger Pjaca from Juve is very fast and good.
Cf Kramaric is quite lethal.
Oh, and fast Kovacic behind them.

In football everything is possible, but I expect Iceland conceding at least 1-2 goals today.


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If that's the actual lineup then goodbye Argentina and goodbye Messis GOAT status. What a shame. That little bald fucker has completely destroyed Messis status, as Chile manager and now as Argentina 'manager'.

I can understand them not playing Dybala at the start of the tournament because they thought him and Messi together won't work, but to STILL not play him after watching how shite they are. It's not like they've been destroying teams without Dybala in the team ffs. They look shite without him so why not take the risk put him in the team, the worst that can happen is they still look shite. Better than fuckin Perez fuck me.

That's the argies out. Germany looking weak. Brazil scraping past teams. France zzzz.
It's coming home.

Surely sampaoli was responsible for messi's lack of movement and bad performance

His chile was running like hell, pressing, sevilla under him also, i wouldnt be suprised if arg star players acting like lazy divas and refuse to listen sampaoli because they would need to run much

Clearly there arent any connections with chile and sevilla, and its the same coach

Sampaoli was wanted here at barca, now suddendly he dont knows what he is doing, i highly doubt it its his fault, look at their body language vs croatia, coach didnt tell them to act like that.

We could say he didnt put best possible line up, but put all problems on him isnt right
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This is beautifully written by Di Maria yesterday, translated into English.

..."In fact, just before the final qualifying games, I started seeing a psychologist. I was going through a difficult moment in my head, and usually I can rely on my family to get me through those times. But this time, the pressure was very intense with the national team, so I turned to a psychologist, and it really helped me. In the final two matches, I was much looser and more

Full article:

Beautiful stuff


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Decent lineup but it is so uninspiring. It’s set to maybe win this one match but not much after that.

Why no have Pavon/Dybala and Lo Celso for this match? They can be the spark Argentina needs.


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with the chem that they have at club level dybala and higuain should be starting. play messi and dybala in behind higuain


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Why bunch of nobodies over Dybala, Lo celso or Pavon? & Leaking your lineup again..

Sampaoli is an idiot, a big fraud. And AFA is either corrupt or they have no idea how to make decisions. They're a big mess

Now I understand why top coaches like Simione don't want to coach Albiceleste.


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The following is the probable formation of Croatia against Iceland:

Kalinic; Jedvaj, Lovren, Corluka, Pivaric; Bradaric, Badelj; Perisic, Kovacic, Pjaca; Kramaric.

In all honesty, I only know the midfielder from Real Madrid, Kovacic, who wants to leave Real because he does not have enough playing time. He is a good one, though.


if that's our starting lineup then iceland has great chance


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Rojo teaching Flopgain how to finish. Hope to see that guy no more in the first 11. They qualified, but still, not to use Dybala in such moments...what is he thinking?!

This Argentina is unpredictable. Maybe they can see off France, it will be hard but let.s see...


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I must commend on Armani. Made a few decent saves, especially after the pressure he must be on as this was his 1st match in the NT as well as after the various mistakes of Willy in the last 2 matches.

Banega and Lo Celso should start at mid field. Aguero at CF, Pavon and Dybala at wings, Messi at false 9. In the last 3 world cups, Argentina coaches always had more great players than positions, which is not the case now. How crazy is Sampaoli ?


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somehow they need to get Dybala-Messi working together. you cant bring on that Meza guy, not sure if its just his inexperience at this level but he looks shite
They somehow managed to squeak through after a shambolic group stage performance, but let's hope this is a turning point and the squad comes together.

France has much more quality than them, but if they get the tactics right it's possible.


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They somehow managed to squeak through after a shambolic group stage performance, but let's hope this is a turning point and the squad comes together.

France has much more quality than them, but if they get the tactics right it's possible.

Croatia was a shambles but to be fair they were the better team v Iceland and Nigeria and deserved to go through.


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I remember Fazio wasn't that good last WC but surely his chemistry with Otamendi was better then than the defenders this year ?

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