Abde Ezzalzouli


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Not sure getting rid of both him and Ansu is the way to go. Unless Felix comes of course, but it's very unlikely.

Are we really going into a season with Gavi/Ferran at LW while both are also backups at other positions (Gavi CM, Ferran CF/RW)?


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No real need for Abde if we set up something like this (if/when everyone fit to play ofc).

Araujo - Kounde (Garcia) - Christensen (Inigo)
Cancelo (Raphinha) -Pedri (Gavi) -FDJ (Romeu) -Gundo (Roberto) - Balde (Alonso)
Raphinha/Felix?? (Yamal) - Lewy (Shark)

Abde could ofc play as a LWB if we'd let Alonso go but Xavi is in love with him. And Cancelo would probably start most games as LWB if Balde is unavailable anyway.

So if can get 15m for Abde would def sell.


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If we sell him for a low sum we'd better have a sweet buyback clause for not much more, or else it's a mistake. He can be a decent squad player for us and that's worth more than 10m.


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Uggghhhh, looks like he will actually leave.

Dreams come true. One of the very few players I absolutely can't stand watching. But I am sure he's a nice bloke.


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Reportedly going to Betis for less than 10m but with 50% of future sale. Happy to really get anything for him if true.

I guess there was never really a 20m offer from Bayer.


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Reportedly going to Betis for less than 10m but with 50% of future sale. Happy to really get anything for him if true.
Not that bad really, but they better secure at least one signing with these last second departures otherwise attack looks a little thin even with Roque joining in winter.


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Poor deal. Would have been better off selling/loaning straight off instead of flipflopping last minute.


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Abde was Betis' great wish for this market closing and his signing is now a reality. He was the great objective from minute one of the planning to reinforce the offensive zone of Manuel Pellegrini's team and he will be the icing on the cake on this market closing day. The Moroccan had already said yes several weeks ago, as this newspaper reported .

The ball was on Barcelona's roof, and finally the Verdiblanco club offered an amount of ten million euros to acquire half of the rights, which Barcelona has agreed to.

After the capital increase approved a few days ago at an Extraordinary Meeting, the club has practically closed the sale of Paul Akouokou to Olympique Lyon for around four million euros, something that gives air at an economic level to be able to execute this operation.


seems like it's done. According to AS.


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So it went from rumors saying we will get 10M for 50% of his rights to 7.5M right now. This club, man. :lol:
Just doing everything out of desperation today to make sure average Joao 1 & 2 could arrive.

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