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Or maybe it would be better not to put him on the bench and Lewandowski scored 40 goals in the season and led the team to success? Don't you think so?


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Sure. Barca's best scientists are working on a age reversal program as we speak.

They are assuring his new age won't be 36 but closer to 26.


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At least I can't understand (to some degree) rabid fanboyism for CR7, who actually has impressive stats.

Meanwhile, this bozo has been a ghost since that game v RM in 2013 and has legions of trolls :lol:

And yes, we know they're trolls. Fresh accounts, only post in this thread and spout shit :lol:


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He’s not a fucking car, mate.

You're right.

He's an old polish tractor, he's just an old polish tractor.



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It is the case that Lewandowski had strong interest from Saudi but he never considered to leave, he wants to play for Barcelona and be part of the new project at the club under Hansi Flick. Also Barcelona are more than happy to continue with Lewandowski as one of their superstars.

Fabrizio Romano


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[Polish FA] Lewandowski has suffered a torn biceps thigh muscle, is out against Holland and questionable to play against Austria.

He's probably missing all of it.

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