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Lewa was always missing sitters, compared to lets say Kane he is a poor finisher
It isn't true, Lewa is a clinical finisher usually. When we check his stats on whoscored he isn't as bad as you say, don't exagerrate.

I think those stats tell which kind of striker he is, a great striker. And not sure Kane is a better finisher.


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Kane is a better finisher(atleast with his right foot) than Lewandowski and Ronaldo. So is Son.

But Lewandowski and Ronaldo are superior goalscorers.

There's a difference.

Some players like Son Hueng Min are incredibly clinical 1 on 1 but they don't get into as many goalscoring positions consistently due to the difference in attributes. Players like Ronaldo and Lewandowski get an immense volume of goals consistently but frequently miss many chances.

For instance, Kane can't do acrobatic finishes coz he isn't that agile. Lewandowski does all kinds of acrobatic volleys and shots. Lewandowski has other varieties like chip finishes too. Kane keeps it more simple.

Kane is great at headers but Lewandowski is more accurate with headers from any range.

People here need to stop judging Lewandowski solely on his performances at this age. Prime Lewy was one of a kind.


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He has the Ronaldo illness 'thinking you are still the best when (nearly) finished'

if he also accept the bench role its okay if he stays
I doubt he will accept it. Better Roque be played in his place and with a much better output. Only then we can hope Laporta would somehow force him out in the summer.


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I think Roque will be a disaster.

People expecting this kid to come in and shine in LL are in for a big shock.

Saw some of his clips in the Brazilian league and he looks ordinary even in that league.

Yeah thats why i would like to keep an experienced striker on the bench, at the end of the day he is only 18 and didnt prove anything in europe, remember when Neymar dribbled in Santos like on the playground and even he needed one season to adapt to europe level. Ney is a generational talent, think Roque will need at least 2-3 years to become a starter at Barca 🤔


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Lewa is a poacher, a fox in the box. He's the best in the world in that role but he needs good teammates to feed him balls and the team to play well. Once it's the case, he'll score as in his 3 first months. Don't hope he will become something else.
Best in the world my ass

Poachers can finish even half chances

This bum will miss 100 clear cut chances a game


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Only way is if he understands he won't get playing minutes, but that requires us to actually have a better CF. Let's hope Roque is that guy.

We need a good period with Roque scoring goals and us winning games, because then it will be impossible for Xavi to shoehorn Lewy in because why change a winning concept. Lewy better watch out for injuries and suspensions after Christmas.

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