9 - Robert Lewandowski


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He is definitely opening up space for the midfielders/wingers as teams pay more attention to him, but still, he needs to help more in the buildup and be technically consistent when he holds it up, most of the time it just bounces off him or ends up with the defender.

Looks his age at times.


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I got the feeling he had his mind set on coming here and being the savior or some kind of superstar that pulls the club from dirt a la Rivaldo. But he ain't that, maybe old and getting rusty or too nervous at times to think clearly.

Anyway, he did his job, don't know if it is value for money but not a flop. Would have to start looking for young striker, maybe one entering his prime, to replace him.


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This forum is waaayyy too harsh. 23 goals scored already and we are barely half way through the season. He will come good, bad patch but he will come through.


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Consistent in being bad in interplay, now topped with a really bad counter decision (a clear pass for goal was obvious for seconds). Only good thing was the banger from far away.
If this team had an actual false 9 like Messi in his haydays we would be terrifying.

That is born every two decades, a player like Messi. People will appreciate him more when they will see we will never have a player as good as Messi.


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My new favorite Barca WAG now that Antonela is gone.


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