8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"


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Drank his own hype a bit too much.

Last 3 years, he's been nothing but an injury prone weakling who gets bossed around in high intensity games. That away half v Bayern being like the one exception that I can remember.

Not a patch on Don Andres (as the initial hype was), who had will and skill and fitness leagues above this lad.


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Send him to that witch-doctor Marijana of Belgrad.

Still doubt will do any wonders, muscle injuries are due to playing more than you're supposed to.


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We need to avoid these sorts of players like the plague. Has skills no doubt but weak and unable to handle pressure. Sell to PSG. Maybe Lucho can revive his career. 40 million.


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It goes without saying something is wrong, but the way he's getting injuries, something must seriously seriously be wrong.
The injuries are not innocuous or spread out, it's again and again in the hamstrings/quads, the same area over and over again.

I have to say, it seems like he has an intrinsic problem with his musculature/physique. He has told that when he is injured he has a lot of time to add muscle mass but he's added practically zero over the course of 2 or 3 years. That isn't normal for a young fit athlete.

I ask again, is he doing his physical program in conjunction with the club's specialists or under the guidance of a trained conditioning coach? It seems like a complete amateur is controlling his physical routines.
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Sad but i'm not surprised. Said ago that Pedri likely to be injured again around March/April when club are in crucial time.

It's been a loop for near 3 years.


This guy is getting injured because his muscle is weak. It repairs but not the way it needs. So it stays weak. This is why he is scared to run hard. This is why he will need major surgery most likely and probably will miss months and months.

Sell him as soon as possible when healthy. He will not last ever again.

This guy is basically Ansu Fati all over again. Now in the early 2000s sports science was brand new. In 2024 we have come a long way. I would say that by 2040 we will have newer evidence supporting that muscles are overall weaker and easier to rip up at younger ages. You won't see 16 yr olds anymore.


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No development for 3 years already because of injuries and it doesn't stop. He has enough talent to get at least near Iniesta, but that ship has sailed I fear. A real shame.

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