8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"


Never understood the hype. Tactically limited, while physically absolutely attrocious.

Basically whenever i watch him, fat Isco pops in my mind.


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A player with limited statistical output, but people keep hopping on his cock for some reason.

Because he has the same playing style/position/role as Iniesta and plays for the same club and country.

He isn't even close to Peak Cazorla. Peak Silva is far far away from him.

It's simple. Young player emerges and performs well for some time = Next <Club Legend of that Position/Role>

Yamal was being called Next Messi by some people after 4 promising games.

Same with Pedri, "the next Iniesta".......

Also, modern Football fans are very heavily biased towards diminutive, technical looking players. Likes of Foden and Pedri will always be perceived as a level above their actual performances. While physical specimen with an ugly style of play will get rated lesser than their actual performances. For instance: Haaland, Nunez, Lukaku types.


Judging after 2 games from start after 10 weeks injury lol , yes patience is not for fans but that is absurd level of expectation.
Come back in a Month


Barca Fans after dropping points: Fat Isco I never rated him he isn't even as good as Swansea Michu.

Barca Fans after wins: Pedri is back! World Class! Best player on the team! Let's build around him!

Idk why I even show up here a bunch of people just loving the sound of their own voices.


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Xavi's idea is to play Pedri as a no 10. But look like the team have no clue how to play.

Pedri himself also doesn't show enough of dynamism, urgency.


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He isnt an AM/second striker that stays as high as Xavi is trying to play him.

One of a number of players Xavi is playing out of position... he had whole midfield doing that yesterday and Torres as LW when never been that.

As much as like Pedri he isnt better box to box than likes of FDJ and isnt a number crunching AM.

Would have rathered Felix of Ferran behind Lewa yesterday and Pedri on that wide left role at AM and Balde getting forward.

In what fucking world does Xavi think FDJ DM and Romeu to play CM with Pedri up ahead.

Absolutely woeful tactics time and again and very little consistency from one game to next.

Xavi looks lost and scrambling to try players/formations differing all the time and players look equally as confused.

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