8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"


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He was rusty in the first minutes but kept improving as game went on. He is lacking match fitness but already showed class.


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He was shite almost the whole time on and particularly under pressure but what he did show is when got time he has ability to look up and choose a pass later in game.

Something some others struggle with.


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Let's hope Spain takes it easy with him during NT break. Last thing he needs now is to be rushed into full fitness. Better let it take longer time and that it actually benefits him for the rest of the season and the next.


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That pass he gave to Gavi was nothing special but you just know that anyone of Felix, Ferran, Lewa, Cancelo or Gavi would have found a way to mess it up.

He stands out by the simple virtue of making the level-headed decision. Says more about our general quality than it does about him.

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