8 - Pedri


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It seems like every spanish player plays much better for country then fir Barca.

I am glad xavi is gone, and I want to see Pedri at CAM.

Lets see if he can do better being closer to goal.

Our Musiala.


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Nice debut goals for Spain. He seems to be a different player now. More active and more offensive minded.

Still i just check he had total of 17 touches and 11 passes vs North Ireland. Quite poor in term of overall involvement. He plays in a 10/advanced role now but he should try to assert himself more.

Euro is a good test.


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not bad for a finished player :troll:

Pedri’s performance vs Croatia has been excellent once again, back to his usual level! 🪄
• 58 minutes
• 100% passes completed
• 1 ASSIST ⭐
• 3 chances created (MOST) ✨
• 1 BIG chance created
• 100% dribbles completed 🎩
• 100% long ball accuracy 🎯
• 100% tackles won
• 4/7 duels won 💪
• 2 recoveries


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He was fine I think along with the likes of Rodri and Ruiz.

We just need him to shake off the injury demons.


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This guy us never going to be a full on 90 minute player who shows up when the pressure is on. If he does well and the hype machine is on overdrive I would sell.
He lacks steel and work rate.


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The "assist". Otherwise he was fine, when needed, but back to his old mostly uninvolved "slob" style and low stamina merchantry.
I think he was fine when pressing. At leats not look like half dead when making a sprint.

Yeah, still not involve enough. 25 touches and 17 passes in a game. Even though he plays a 10 role now, it is still too low. No wonder Spain don't have enough possesion and Croatia look threatening.

He seems fine physically now, he should move around the pitch more

te amo barca

Blaugrana al vent
This is a common problem with both Gavi and Pedri. They are far too uninvolved and can end the game with 9-15 passes completed if they play in the more advanced half-spaces/number 10 zones.


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He misses too many chances. I'll forgive him for the header but he should have buried the second opportunity.
Spain,as pretty as they are, are just TOO wasteful. That's why I am skeptical of Nico Williams too. He has pace and creates chances but as a forward you have to score goals too.

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