7 - Ferran Torres 5.0 Great White Shark Edition


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Ferran should be on the pitch when other teams are pushing for a goal. He has been the best player on the break this season.

Ferran, Lamine, Fermin, Roque should all be players trying to get on pitch when other teams open up.

Sick of seeing too many times this season Barca sitting deep with Lewa at CF and Romeu brought on to midfield rather than getting energy on to go on and kill game off.

Sunday was a nice change.

Felix also seems a lot better off the bench in more chaotic game than he does when on from start.

For next few games use him at LW/AM until ahead then when opposition open up put him at second striker/AM like on Sunday.

There is no need to be holding out when up by one goal with Romeu DM, Pedri AM and Lewa CF.. no wonder teams can get men forward and take risks as too slow going other way by that point from Barca.

Positionally he worked well with Balde when on left also., better than Felix has and better than anyone since Fati at end of last season.
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