7 - Ferran Torres 2.0 Shark Edition


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It might happen




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No chance Newcastle is interested, they actually have a good sporting project and longterm plan.

More likely Boehly buys him just because Chelsea needs another useless winger. Someone should send him a video of Ferran scoring a hattrick against Germany and maybe we'll get lucky, lol. But with Poch there now he probably has final word in transfers and he's not that stupid.

Our best chance is to loan him somewhere and offload part of his wages then hope he has a good season and we can sell him for anything next year. Can't even count on Lucho saving us anymore now that his daughter broke up with this bum, lol.


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I so so so soooooo hope I won't look at that face in Barca jersey next season...

Useless half player... Overpaid junk that Pep showed in Barca wallet ... The guy is useless money bag.


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I was hopeful initially but obviously he needs to be sold.

Sucks that we bought him at a time when we could have also gotten Alvarez instead. Massive blunder.

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