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Here is an accurate translation if link doesnt work :
More than a hundred games for Barça and just a few interviews. Don't you like them?

It's because I'm shy, and I also like to focus on football more, but I'm improving in this aspect, I know I have to do it [interviews].
Are you aware of the fan craze unleashed around Gavi?

Yes, a little, I notice it on the street and through Instagram, but I try to isolate myself from all this.
What do you like to hear most about yourself?

That I am a shy boy, but a good person with everyone. This is how I like people to think of me.
You score a goal and kiss the shield. Where does being so culé come from, having been born in a town in Seville?

It came to me from watching the best team in history, the Barca of Xavi, Iniesta and co. From there I have been a Barca fan and I always will be.
You came to Barça when you were very young, at 11 years old. Were you afraid of moving?

Yes, a lot. I remember that two months before I told my parents that I didn't want to come, that I was afraid of whatever was to come. Today I give thanks to my parents, they were the first to know that they should bring me here.
What were you afraid of?

Everything... La Masia... I was very small and I didn't want to leave my town, and be separated from my friends. It was a total life change.

And it turned out that the Masia became your home

Yes, I have spent my entire childhood here, almost since I was born, it is everything to me.
The first six months were difficult due to the FIFA sanction against Barça. Gavi, 11 years old, and unable to play. Hard to imagine. A caged lion.

I couldn't stand not playing football, for me it's like breathing. So I found the best solution available. I decided to join a futsal league at the school where I was studying.
How lucky for your team. They must have won everything...

We scored four or five goals in each game. We won everything, except the day we played for the league title...
What happened?

That day [the day his futsal team played for the league title] I played my first game with Barça, so I could not go. My classmates at school still get at me for it.
The first year he lived in Barcelona with his parents…

Yes, on Balmes Street, but after a year I told them to leave calmly, that I wanted to live in La Masia.
The most technical. You are both footed. Did you learn it or does it come naturally to you?

I was like that from a young age. In fact, I always say that inside the area I shoot better with my left, I finish better that way, it comes naturally to me.
Let's make it clear: you are an interior.

I always have been, a left interior.
Now you play there more.

Xavi already knows where I am most comfortable, but he always trusts me a lot and in each game he decides where I play and I try to do well for the coach. Give everything.
He dominates with both legs, he does well in duels, also with his head... Is there any facet where you see room for improvement?

Compared to last year I have improved in slowing down tempo in some plays, also in contesting loose balls without making so many fouls.
Is it your personal work or Xavi's?

Xavi tries to improve me, he talks to me a lot.
Aren't you afraid of getting hurt sometimes in those contested ball duels?

Sometimes I review the game replay, I look at myself in some duel and I think: “Holy shit, how did I think of doing that?” But my mother worries more than me, she always tells me not to get into fights and she gets very scared. But in the end it is football.

Do you consider yourself tough as a footballer?

I consider myself a fighter, until the end, and I will never lose that.
Last year, from Madrid, you had a campaign that named him as a dirty player. Did this reach you? Did it bother you?

I knew about it, but I didn't care. Xavi helped me and I didn't care what certain people said.
What is indisputable is that you take losing very badly...

Well, I have improved compared to my youth team days. Any coach could tell you...
But what were you doing? Not knowing how to lose is not so bad...

Let's say I had a pretty bad time and my teammates in training paid for it. I was losing my head, it was bad for me to lose games.
What would you be capable of doing for Barça?

Everything, I would do everything, anything.
In the summer, with so many signings, Gavi disappeared from the projected lineups in the starting eleven... Now no one would take him out of there.

I trust myself a lot, that's what matters to me. And Xavi insists on discussing with me, on improving me, and I appreciate that. Xavi has been one of the best players in history in my position.
You are 19 years old and you are already a reference for players who are starting out, like Lamine Yamal…

I wouldn't have imagined it when I was little, but yes. I try to calm them down, give them encouragement. I had Busi, Jordi [Alba]… I know that it is very important to feel that support.
Which player do you particularly admire from the current squad for their professionalism?

Frenkie, Frenkie.

Is his loss noticeable?

Damn, quite a bit, just like Pedri's.
Well, De Jong was for sale two summers ago…

At that moment I was jarred, I didn't want him to leave and I told him so. Thank goodness he didn't leave and is still with us.
Do you enjoy playing? That is important…

Above all, this season I am enjoying it a lot more. We are doing things better.
With the Joãos there was chemistry right away.

They are both very good and have adapted quickly. João Félix is on the same side of the field as me and I can associate more with him, but I look for them both. Without them we would not have been able to make any progress this season.

How do you see Madrid? Stronger?

They have big exits/injuries. But they are always a winning team.

Last year you won the League and this year you are finally required to do well in the Champions League.

We have to go as far as possible, we are Barça, as the coach says. Winning it with Barça is one of my dreams, if not the first, it is what all culés dream of.
Porto's match is the key match in the group stage. Do you think about future games much?

Yes, especially before the important ones. I think about how they are going to go and I usually imagine scoring a goal. Thoughts…
How many goals do you see yourself scoring this season?

With Iván de la Peña, my representative, we have talked about reaching ten. I already have two.
Outside the area you don't show much of your shooting.

I have to see it very clearly, it is still difficult for me, I have to dare.

Do you see yourself playing your whole life at Barça? In today's football that is almost impossible.

I wish it could be like that, I won't be happier at any club except Barca.

“Ansu Fati will return, I'm convinced”​

Gavi has simple habits. His life revolves around football and even in his free time he dedicates himself to watching matches on television with friends, most of them from his history living in La Masia. “I'm a football geek, I watch a lot of games with friends at home, especially the Premier League. I like some teams more than others. "I follow Manchester City and now especially Brighton because they play good football and Ansu Fati is also there," says the midfielder, who misses his former teammate and hopes to see him back in the Blaugrana locker room once his year on loan to the English club ends. “I see Ansu in good form. I am convinced that he will regain his confidence and hopefully he will return to us. We have been friends since we met at La Masia and I want him to always be well,” wishes Gavi.


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Poor game.

Almost invisible on the ball.

Chasing anything that moves and constantly out of position on and off ball leaving gaps in middle of park.

Still has no idea how to play CM for Barca positionally.


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Mediocre game even apart from his usual stupid card collecting obsession.
Now he finally got a pair in a single game, Congrats Wacko!


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Bad game and ended it with a completely moronic red card.
Someone should tell him that he needs to use his brain as well.

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