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I don't think he's capable of giving an inch of credit to Gavi. He has his opinion and won't strave from it.

Not just defensively. Pure class on the ball as well. His technique is brilliant.
Fake news. I said he played well.

Likes of you go over top claiming ‘great’ or ‘immense’ is the reality.

Will say how think Gavi plays. Very simple.


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Gattuso is a lazy comparison. He should be a lot better on ball and more about him than Gattuso did.

Absolutely nothing like Seedorf ffs. Worse than Gattuso shout that one.

Seedorf was brilliant striker of a ball and had range that Gavi doesnt have but Gavi could well go on to be better in tighter areas and more combative.

Watched whole game again like the sad cunt can be at times and Gavi played a mature game without being great. Made a lot of tackles and kept it simple with some nice breaking lines passes.

Played well.

To be top top player he needs to start showing more control of game and more progressive with ball as good few times he turned back on ball... but he is still learning and still can get there as always said.

But the hardman act is not there as much and def more mature performance than some of those last season when looked like a headless chicken chasing ball and trying to kick anything that moves.

Xavi last couple games switching him to FDJs left side role and FDJ beside him should help him develop and being in and out of team more often.
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Gavi played great against ABC teams.

Was best player on the the park against Team X.

Was voted best young player in the world twice.

Has 2 full season left of "running around like a headless chicken" like someone else we know and when he finally starts producing consistently at the tender age of 21, the gavi fans can shout to the high heavens every chance they get.

Sounds familiar?...


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Nah FDJ was average in Barcas first season and Barcas second best player in his second season to Messi and was levels above anything Gavi has shown to date.

That was after being voted best mid in Euriope the season prior to that.

Not even remotely similar and never has FDJ had games where making 11 or 20 passes and losing ball so often.. just didnt happen even in first season.

Back to Gavi... brilliant break through season for his age. Not as good as made out by some to be better than Pedri or FDJ but very good for his age.

Second season his performances dipped more and more as season went on and he had lost his place at CM initially had at start of season but finding a place as 4th mid.. where he was largely underwhelming. Ran a lot but with little quality on the ball for most part. Got to point he was struggling to even get on ball at time as chased it round like a headless chicken...20 odd passes one game and 11 the next for example.

All being said as understandable at time as young and a lot to learn but needs to show more quality on ball and better movement etc while less of the hardman act he seemed to have got preoccupied with.

Some folk would cry about this and refuse to aknowledge his performances had dropped... same folk who then flipped it at end of seasons and started to bleet about his age and how a dip is expected... agreeing with folk they claimed were wrong.

This season Gavi has started better.... not as good as made out but more mature, less rash but still needs to show bit more quality on ball to be a top midfielder... hopefully he can and be better this season than was couple seasons back.... still only 19...the age argument was always the point.. Folk used to dismiss this and claim was better than was 'even at 17' etc. Same folk now say expect too much of him at 18.

When have numpties making out he can compared to Seedorf it is laughable.. not even remotely similar.

Back to FDJ... best mid in team and world class.. keep bringing him up.
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Hold on... should we not be saying... 'Gavi needs freedom' and this 'double pivot is not how Xavi wants to play' again?

Or that only applicable when FDJ plays there?

Gavi played well. He is calmer and less of a nut case and all better for it.

Folk can stop pretending he was good last season at AML now can see Felix there.

More mature performances and he has dovetaled well with FDJ when played that box to box role.

He is less of a positional player than even FDJ.. as always said.. lets see if same complaints get made about that.

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