33 - Pau Cubarsí


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There isnt really another one.. Cuenca has a great left peg but still JuvA and looks bit slow maybe.

Valle out on loan at Levante could have chances in summer for LB.

Kospo the lad signed last summer supposed to be getting good reviews. Has swipes of Pique style to him.

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Was fairly decent today, Arnaiz and Budimir were specifically trying to target him but he held his own quite decently


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Another calm, composed game. Wasn't under heavy pressure due to our control of the game overall, still executed everything perfectly. Passing and positioning.


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Early days but looks like a proper la masia defender.

not like that beanpole Eric Garica.


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Talk of EPL clubs looking to snipe Josh Stones Jr. Absolute bargain with his [fuckin] buyout clause sitting at just 10m.



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I believe Chelsea and City are a couple of the teams that are heavily interested in him.

I wouldn't go near Chelsea with a 50ft pole. And City? yeah working under Pep would be good but the guy has like 80 CBs and he keeps buying one every damn year it seems.


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Chelsea seem to have ffp issues. Rumours today they can't offload Pocch because can't pay to sack him.

Ofc alot can happen over a summer transfer window.


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Think he has done well so far. Like Yamal you don't really notice his age on the pitch.
Would be another option to punt Kounde if we want Riad to stay another year getting experience.

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