33 - Pau Cubarsí


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Folk seem to think he is smaller and more frail than he is.

Taller than Kounde etc and fairly well filled out for his age.

Probably due to him looking a bit like a child who has just got out of bed more than actual stature.


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He's exactly the height of Eric Garcia, 182 cm. Looks more physical than Eric, though.
Eric garcia in no way is 182. Looks more like 179. If garcia were 182 he’d almost be level with ronaldo. Impression as with eyetest yesterday is cubarsi is taller.


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You'd think Carles Puyol was 1,84 for his build-up, but was just 1,78 cm.
No. Never thought carles is 1,84. It was always clear he was shorter than that. Especially when you see him next to other players. Actually think puyol was 1.76. Look at pic of him with xavi
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Wild that Xavi has made him a panic sub when things are looking sketchy at the back and expecting him to perform miracles at his age.


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This kid is special when he's on the ball. Composed, head up high, almost like he's taking panoramic snapshot of everything in front of him, takes his time gathering information and then pings a perfectly weighted ball in between the lines. Vision and class.

Having a player like this in the back is like a good quarterback in american football - he can set everything up with one pass.

Hopefully he'll develop into a great player, he's got the stuff!


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His age, I'd say he belongs to Juvenil A, not Barca B. Instead plays solid minutes in La Liga. Might have been a mistake by Xavi to introduce him this early, as well as Fort. Next coach downgrading them will be a huge blow on their confidence.


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Doesn't look out of his depth and looks as comfortable as any LaMasia CB that came through over the past decades has.

I don't think going back to the B is really an option now.

Fact is we have Kounde, Araujo, Christensen, Inigo and Alonso as our 5 centres yet because of injuries to three of those he is playing.

So he is our 6th option right now. Could probably bump him up to 3/4 option next year and he will get a fair share of minutes while also offering a decent level.


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I remember when muniesa came through back in the day, his first game or two he looked like the truth.

But injuries did him in.

This guy the sensation is similar, but also different, much calmer in the hype.

With him and Faye we have two great CB talents, will be interesting to see how whoever our next coach will be, will handler his development.

Also with font, Faye and the other defensive talent who's name slips me at the moment.

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