33 - Pau Cubarsí


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Born: 22 January 2007
Position: centre back

Cubarsi, Catalan born in Girona, moved to Barcelona in 2018.

Having progressed through the academy, he became the third-youngest Barcelona player to debut in the UEFA Youth League, behind Lamine Yamal and Ilaix Moriba, when he started in an eventual 1–1 draw with Czech side Viktoria Plzeň.

In April 2023, he trained with the first team for the first time, having been called up by manager Xavi.

He signed his first professional contract with the club three months later, on 8 July. He was included in Barcelona's pre-season squad ahead of the 2023–24 season


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He's only 16 but he looks a bit weak no? Haven't seen him play much at all, but is there a risk of him being another Eric Garcia?


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Sport say that Pau Cubarsi will be the replacement for Inigo in the first team, and could get minutes in La Copa.

Must be a matter of attitude, because Faye has been lightyears ahead of Pau when both have played together in the B team, not to mention playing the left centreback role.

I know Herb gets to observe both in training so he may spot something that hasn't come across in the matches, but I know who I would want right now as a defensive option in the first team if needed.


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Faye is still settling in at club and needs that B team minutes..they also they want to show Cubarsi how rated he is when teams would be willing to pay his release clause today if he gave the nod.

Also dont think Faye can be called up for CL if ever came to that.

In reality Alonso, FDJ etc would probably play CB before Faye or Cubarsi in a crunch game,

I doubt Barca would be relying on either bar dead minutes.


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My only criteria is seeing them both in the B team, to which Faye has been a better player and had to bail out Pau a number of times.

I get Xavi may prefer a system player who works better in position. But if we need to bring one on to defend. Then I know who that should be.

Now we do need to tie Pau up long term and there are wolves sniffing. Namely Pep if you follow the whispers. So I can get that being the most likely logic in his preference for call-ups.


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Official debut yesterday. At just 16 still developing physically, but didn't seem any lesser in physique compared to others on the pitch.
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Very composed indeed. Never felt this was his debut at 16 years old.

Some defensive awareness and positioning need to be improved, but that'll come with more experience.

The best La Masia CB since Araujo.


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He looked good, wasn't challenged much, but he did well whenever called upon.

The talent is obviously real


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Excellent debut from Harry Maguire Jr.



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