27 - Lamine Yamal


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I'm not going to get myself hyped because a lot can happen between the ages of 16 and 21, but for the moment I'm glad that we finally have a winger that's aesthetically pleasing on the ball. He's quick, knows how to dribble, knows how to look good when he dribbles, does tricks, fantastic control, and he's a smart player. We genuinely haven't had this since, Neymar? So 7 years. I don't expect much because it's unfair to do so because he's so young, I'm just happy to see a player with "joga bonito" in our shirt again.
Think exactly the same currently... So pleasing to see him play... Exactly the type of of player that make me wanna watch the game.... And he's Smart... Pray he doesn't get injured or anything similar


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Out of the honeymoon period, had some mediocre performances and gets right back on track with plenty of good games in a row and mature performances Special kid, we need to manage his minutes.


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There are never sure things in football as we know.

But damn I love this kid. A 16 year old can't really be better than this. Sure he cost us an exit in Copa but that only showed he's not an alien. Imagine if he'd be a great finisher already with all the skills he already possesses. At 16.

Looks fast, can dribble, good shooting from distance. Also has a good success rate in his decision making. Knows when to go forward and knows when to calm the play down. He's direct but not eager. Passing is not too shabby either, compare it to Dembele who could fumble with ball control and struggle with 5m passes. Lamine looks pretty well rounded, rarely see many mistakes over the course of a game which is incredible for a player his age.


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