27 - Lamine Yamal


The Pale One
That little roulette he did towards the end of the game. It wasn't just a fancy move or unnecessary flair, it was actually a smart decision to move into space.

I love players that can combine the beautiful with the functional.


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I'm not going to get myself hyped because a lot can happen between the ages of 16 and 21, but for the moment I'm glad that we finally have a winger that's aesthetically pleasing on the ball. He's quick, knows how to dribble, knows how to look good when he dribbles, does tricks, fantastic control, and he's a smart player. We genuinely haven't had this since, Neymar? So 7 years. I don't expect much because it's unfair to do so because he's so young, I'm just happy to see a player with "joga bonito" in our shirt again.


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Teams are doubling up on him and still making an impact.

Imagine what can be like if get a CF that can be left 1v1 high up and a LW to stretch the park.

Should go all out for Nico at 50m this summer.

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