27 - Lamine Yamal


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Loving his development but as a Barca supporter you always have that sense of PTSD.
(See Ansu Fati)

The next coach of the club has an incredible talent waiting to be embraced.
The next manager has plenty of young talent to manage and develop... but the less said about quality players in their prime the better. :lol:

El Barcelona

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What a game considering his age and the shit this club is going true. Best thing we can do now is attract an absolute top striker to ease the pressure of him. He can't be our most dangerous player in attack, makes no sense.


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The way he attacks opposition and leaves players off balance and tripping over their own feet have not really seen bar Messi, Neymar level players.

The way he has taken the game to opposition the last two outings is unreal mentality for that age.

He has absolutely everything to his game to be a top top player. Dribbling, passing, decisions, athletic. It is all there.


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Just waiting for the kid to get the ball and do something. That's all that is interesting in this game.


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Should be our attack next season.
We winning the league with this.

No nonsense.
Three killers.
We will dismantle teams.

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