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He's allright. Not too shite, not too great. Playing for City is like driving for Red Bull in F1. You have all the advantages in the world.


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He's allright. Not too shite, not too great.

Nah hes very very good and shown it last season and been good this season.

Been better last year and a half than Reals mids for example bar Bellingham.

Been better than any Atleti mid by a long way for example.


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Kind of reminds me of Busi actually. Slow as fuck but good passer.

Nah much more mobile than Busi and as mobile as Kroos etc.

Dont excel in world best and quickest league if pace is that much of an issue.

His job at City was to get from CM to box time and again.

Pep isnt choosing a sloth to do that.

Busi was done. Not top team was touching him.

Gundo had a lot of offers including staying at best team in Europe where was central and captain.


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''So far this season was okay, we have to improve in a lot things....''

he is more critical than @serghei :pique:

also he didnt start to learn spanish: ''In next two weeks i will start to learn spanish, for smalltalk its okay''


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He has been great in the last few games, but being an older player, he can only last 60 mins or so at the same intensity. And when we have to sub him... after Gavi's long term injury, the drop in quality is pretty big to likes of Fermin and Romeu.

Pedri, De Jong and Gundogan can produce nice stuff. Other than them atm... don't have options. Roberto could be decent from the bench if fit. That's about it. I'm talking about games vs serious teams, not some Cadiz or Almeria match. Fermin and Romeu should do the job vs these types of sides.

Similar to Kroos, and Modric to some extent. Still a good player but a bit past it physically.
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