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Here we go...

[Gundogan explains himself after post Clasico comments

To nip all this 'controversy' in the bud, the German midfielder, according to the program 'Què t'hi jugues' on Cadena SER , addressed the team yesterday to tell them that in his criticism he was not referring to anyone specifically and that he was simply angry about the defeat against Real Madrid.

As we already told in SPORT , the squad did not pay the slightest importance to him and they understood his reaction due to the heat of the defeat in the classic . At no time was a meeting proposed to discuss the matter. " There are more important things than talking ," is the general reflection that was experienced in the Barça locker room.]

:lol: : 🤡

Let's just hold hands and wave rainbow flags and pretend we didn't lose against Madrid.

te amo barca

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Club handled this really pathetically, shitting their pants and going full PR. Made Gundogan's wife retract her statement about difficulties in adapting to Barcelona (the city) without the club's help too


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Similar to cucks publicly apologizing and shedding tears, after woke bolshevik mob chastised them for saying something remotely sensible. Just stay on you feet ffs.


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He lost the ball in some bad areas but he was trying to get ball from Kounde in defence who is a fucking neep and has a fuck up in him passing ball every game and then Gavi running about offering next to no options for defence to pass ball out. Sociedad were able to go all in on Gundo near enough any time got ball from defence.

Gavi seemed to caught on ball on front of defence 5 seconds in then shat himself wanting ball much there again rest of match.

Gundo will get caught on ball if teams can target him that often and doesnt have players beside him deep that have a clue positionally and can help take some of the burden of taking ball from defence.


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Lucky goal vs Madrid. Good cross last night after Sociedad left the field open. These are the moments that make many think he is a good player for us.

Was terrible last night. Lost at last 4 balls that resulted in Sociedad counters.


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He reminds me of Rakitic when he was here. Or rather, the Rakitic that played at Sevilla after his transfer from us.

Which kind of shows how far our midfield level dropped in recent weeks. But also, how far Gundy physical level has dropped in the few months joining us from City.

Still like what he is doing though, not worth his wage, but will be key once Frenkie and Pedri are back.

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