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I mean this guy was managed by the likes of Klopp and Pep and if a team performs poorly then both of those manager will rip their heads off in the dressing room.

Meanwhile every time we drop points Xavi comes out with "We deserved more", "We played better" etc...


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Nothing wrong with what he said nor am I surprised, he's coming from a team coach by pep who is a absolute perfectionist.

If this helps the young players feel more anger it's job done.

We should have definitely won that game yesterday, but that's life, it's the first clasico we've lost in a while that I don't feel pissed about because we were clearly the better team.

We really have to stop dropping stupid points from here on in, it happened already too much this season.

We should have only dropped points maybe once this season so far.


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It is more a comment on the failings of the staff than any player if Gundo is saying the club dont hurt after defeats enough.

Not surprising. Too many players seem unaccountable at times and too many excuses any time team dont win.

Those comments on the culture of the changing room should be an embarrasement for Xavi and his staff more than anyone else.

Would bet my bottom dollar Xavi came in after game and said 'played well didnt deserve to lose' etc and didnt crack whip to any of the players that were shite in that second half.

Which feels foreign to Gundo.


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Gundogan is bang on. Xavi probably told them that they had a good game and found excuses left and right about why we lost, not addressing the main issues of the loss.

Don’t forget this isn’t the first match where we start strong, take a marginal lead but eventually revert to defend in the last half hour with all 10 players in our own box. That happens against bottom half teams even ffs. It’s called cowerdice.

Gundo probably sees this happen time and time again without being addressed by Xavi and his staff and he is surprised at the lack of accountability in the dressing room.

And it’s not like we haven’t seen it coming, while Xavi’s supporters were “hurt durr we won, 3 points”. No wonder we crash and burn in Europe when this is the mentality that permeates in the dressing room.


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Both goals come from sitting deep and trying to defend box... and not even doing it in structured way.

The first Gavi should never be dropping into box even if he cleared it..he needs to stay on edge of area with Bellingham and either block any shots or track his run if he goes in.

Barca have 6 men in the box when Bellingham controls it and Gundo/Felix about a yd outside it vs 4 Real players in box or even close to it.

There is no way Gavi needs to drop into box there and someone needs to give him a bollocking and make him understand positionally where he should be... but that wont happen.

Not just him but there were just too many dropping deep and there was no shape.

Same with 2-1..players follow ball and pcnicking and three players out on one trying to stop cross and Modric left to wander into box unpposed.. Gavi again ball chasing.

Then Romeu switches off tracking run and its a 2-1.


Wow, what a hypocrite. The guy scores a lucky goal and talks nonsense. Many people might have wondered why he changed the currently best club in the world to Barca. Here is your answer. He has a salary more than twice as much as in City.

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