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I feel like us forcing him to leave is deeper than just financial. We will likely have to sign on some deal that fucks us in the future as we aren't raising that kind of money with player sales.

Xavi doesn't rate Frenkie, wants him to play a role he doesn't suit so he can justify binning him, so his sacred cow Busquets can stink the place up.

Not sure how legit but I saw a tweet saying Xavi told Frenkie the club aren't impressed with his season.. whilst he has the gall to fucking praise Busquets.. we are totally and utterly fucked with these clowns running the club.


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Also hard to take Xavi seriously when the team became a dysfunctional mess in the final stretch of the season with us being knocked out of the Europa League which was very winnable and being outcoached by everyone and their nan and losing very winnable games at the Camp Nou.

Hard to believe but the Xaviball we seen in the last three months of the season makes Seitenball look like Prime Barca shit. :lol:


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Busi love kills me too. Insane we still try to include him after year and years of failure.. especially in Europe.

Tactically speaking maybe Busi has his use in some games but I think those games are in LaLiga not Europe.


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Glad this forum is in agreement over Frenkie and how godawful ridiculous this is from us.

I had a lot of hope for this reboot and despite the end of the season, saw plenty to be excited for provided we got this summer right. And selling off Frenkie just to get hosed in a months time with his “replacement” for 50-60 million doesnt make any sense at all if this is all about finances and is quickly turning my hope into worry.

Just need to get Gavi renewed and then freeze everything else until the end of June and we push like dogs to get a deal done in the next two weeks that can resolve our finances. Selling off assets like this wont make our situation any better.


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This team badly needs quality guys who are either in their primes or close to starting it to help bridge the gap between the young and old.

Because there's no way in hell the likes of Alves, Busi, Pique, Alba, etc should be playing as much as they are. I think the likes of Kessie and Christiensen are a good start, but selling off the likes of FDJ, and using that money to buy even more aging old vets such as Apilz and Alonso and likely some CM that is not even good enough to replace the guy we just sold is not going to cut it at all.

Rumors are Xavi would want a quality 1:1 replacement if FDJ leaves, but I know that ain't going to happen, he'll end up with a guy like Carlos Soler instead of a Bernardo Silva.


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Fault lies with Xavi and the other inept, cowardly fools who bent over to amigos. The fact that Xavi is willing to let De Jong go shows he's clueless. Busquets has been a corpse 8n Europe for five years now. Still manager after manager make him a starter.
I have no words for this club.


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De Jong and Dembele are the only two world class players in the squad who are about to enter their prime.

What a joke of our club we have become. We are finished.


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I don't have issues with Dembele leaving. For me, he is far from WC. He is a wc talent, but not wc player.

De Jong though...selling him would be a stupid mistake and i can't seen any reason for seeling him other than financial benefits.


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Not his biggest fan at all but wtf is the point of selling him for financial reasons when we just spent 60m on a nothing player like Ferran Torres a few months ago?


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Not his biggest fan at all but wtf is the point of selling him for financial reasons when we just spent 60m on a nothing player like Ferran Torres a few months ago?

This is the point of selling him

Bar?a will have to generate ?120-160m in salary savings and sales to compensate for not signing the CVC deal.

? @sport


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De Jong has a tendency to look for the ball and this is not what Xavi expects from his interiors. He wants his interiors to wait for the ball, staying between the lines to receive the ball with options to threaten the opposition's defence. [md]


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FDJ and Gavi go and dominate a couple of games from midifled in international football when given freedom to move and dictate game from middle of park.

Xavi? Sees them as failiing at their jobs of being positional cones up the park to give options to the main man Busi on the ball and to support a CF he leaves so isolated due to wide players posted to the sidelines.


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