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Maybe even Ruben Neves + Kounde. Although would have to add money there as both transfers will likely end up being closer to 100m in total.


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While I am glad with this deal , watch this club spend that money not replacing Busquets , Alba , Pique or Mats.

Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Iniesta and Xavi weren't replaced so obviously these won't replaced.

But Alves replaced Dani Alves so there is hope.


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Is the club really going to put a battery in the back of Man United? De Jong with Ten Hag will be a good deal. I swear this club is only hurting themselves while strengthening the competition:lol:


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Big big mistake. The best midfielder at the club. If we want to compete again we need to rely on quality 22-27 year old players. We sell De Jong right before he enter his prime.

What a joke.

We will get Soler instead. Don't get your hopes high.


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What a shitty move if true. Looks like we really couldn't sell stakes in Barca Studios to fill that 50m hole in the budget.

Pedri, Gavi (maybe, if he renews), Nico out on loan or sold, Busquets and Kessie... :facepalm:


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I don't want soler, unless it's for 20m are something, with 80m plus him off our books salary wise, with other sales, if we are smart we could really start to rebuild the team next season & push for la Liga at least.


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Don't cry too much people he's basically had 1 goal season combined for us in 3/4 years, even though I will admit he came at a bad time, but he also just runs around for the Netherlands, so it's not just us.


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Maybe, which would be a pity.

If they're smart they go after Tchouameni right now.

They won't, if this OJO thing is true, the club will either use the money to fill the budget hole or chase some targets like Marcos Alonso and Lewandowski etc.

New board, same old people.

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