21 - Frenkie de Jong


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Loved how he screamed at alba in first half. That rage reminded me og oliver kahn, every match he looks more and more like a leader. Crucial saves as well and beautiful footwork and crucial to release lfcs high pressure. Best barca gk ever?

yes , now what about frenkie ?


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Who laughed though? I'm sure no one official from the club. Those stupid fans, who think Rakitic is worth keeping until 40, were probably the ones.

Actually, it was Barca's official twitter account that did it when CL twitter account selected 4 players for player of the week.


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Of course it shouldn't even be a contest, what in the hell are you smoking guys?!
Also I don't see them laughing at Frenkie or any other specific player on that list. Grow the fuck up already!

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